No 25, 14 November 2016

“Currently all dangers come from the United States”
Interview by World Economy with Willy Wimmer
The United States have been undermining nuclear deterrence
by Prof Dr Albert A. Stahel, Institute for Strategic Studies, Wädenswil
UN rights expert on the CETA treaty: No signing without referendum
Pressrelease by the Office of the High Comissioner on Human Rights, Geneva
Official visit from Russia in Switzerland
Valentina Matvienko, chairperson of the Russian Federation Council, was on a visit to Berne
Is another world war to be manipulated forth?
A historical view of the importance of EU and NATO as well as of the First World War | by Wolfgang Effenberger*
Building bridges wherever possible
Willy Wimmer “Die Akte Moskau” (The Moscow File) | by Wolfgang van Biezen
De-constraining, interfusion, appropriation
The 2016 White Paper of the German Bundeswehr | by Jürgen Rose*
Schweizerfranken und direkte Demokratie (Teil 2)
Von Bretton Woods zur «Geldpolitik ohne Grenzen» | von Dr. rer. publ. Werner Wüthrich
Tropic House Wolhusen: a sustainable, pioneering idea
Coffee country Switzerland? Absolutely! | by Heini Hofmann
From the Rhine to the Volga – Exploring the Russian landscape and soul by doing “Pleinair” painting
by Gerda Reuter and Cornelia Jung, Bonn
About the importance of education
by Dieter Sprock
Thoughts on common classroom teaching

by Hedwig Schär
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