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April 27, 2015
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Current Concerns  >  2006  >  No 7, 2006  >  The French Intelligence Service’s Neo-cons [printversion]

The French Intelligence Service’s Neo-cons

by Wayne Madson, USA

Last month, a leaked intelligence report from the DGSE – Direction Générale de la Sécurité Extérieure – French intelligence service – reported that Osama Bin Laden had died of typhus in Pakistan in August of this year. The raw intelligence report, dated September 21, 2006, was leaked to the Lorraine regional L’est Republicain newspaper. The source for the French intelligence report was a single source within Saudi intelligence.

However, the “leak” of the internal DGSE report was not sanctioned by Pierre Brochand, the head of DGSE, President Jacques Chirac’s Elysees Palace, or Prime Minister Dominique de Villepin. In fact, Brochand, who was called to Chirac’s chateau to explain the publication of the report in the newspaper, denied that the leak was “official.” In fact, the DGSE report of the Saudi intelligence claim of Bin Laden’s “death” was an internal document that had not yet been vetted by other DGSE analysis units.

French intelligence sources believe the document was leaked by one or more supporters of neo-con Interior Minister (and presidential candidate) Nicolas Sarkozy. Neo-con agents of influence have infiltrated the DGSE and other intelligence services with a view to changing their Arabist viewpoints to more pro-Israel perspectives. This has been accomplished with the help of Sarkozy. The Interior Minister has managed to weaken some of the strict requirements stipulated in the past for service in the French security services – allowing those with dubious foreign connections to become employed by the DGSE and Direction de la surveillance du territoire (DST).

French intelligence sources also report that Sarkozy is running a band of agents provocateurs who have been responsible for starting two recent riots in and around Paris that were similar to the riots that plagued France last year. Many of last year’s riots were also provoked by Sarkozy agents.

France’s most dangerous man: 
Nicolas Sarkozy behind leak of Bin Laden “death” report and rioting in metro Paris region

One riot in the Paris suburb of Les Mureaux this past October 2, which initially involved a small group of hooligan government agents, resulted in the burning of a police car and the injuring of six policemen and one civilian. The riot began after a civilian vehicle crashed into a police car. In September, a band of rioters, egged on by Sarkozy agents, attacked two police cars in a Paris housing project. A French policeman was seriously injured.

In August, French Socialist presidential candidate Segolene Royal, who lives in a Paris apartment with her male partner, Socialist Party Secretary General Francois Hollande, complained that Sarkozy’s Interior Ministry leaked information to the press about the break-in and ransacking of their Boulogne-Billancourt apartment. The break-in occurred while Royal and Hollande were on their August vacation. Royal said that nothing was missing from their apartment but it had been ransacked in a manner that suggests someone was searching for something that they did not find. Royal said, “This was not a burglary, but an intrusion and a full-scale search of my home in which nothing was stolen.”

Segolene Royal (r.) under total surveillance by her presidential opponent, Sarkozy

According to French intelligence sources, Royal and Hollande are now under total communications and physical surveillance by Sarkozy’s DST agents and unofficial agents from organizations, including foreign intelligence services, supporting Sarkozy’s anti-Arab and neo-con agenda. DGSE agents opposed to Sarkozy appear content to allow Sarkozy and his friends to continue to carry out their subterfuge in the hope they will make a major mistake and be caught, thus dooming Sarkozy’s presidential hopes.

Source: Wayne Madsen Report, October 10, 2006