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May 23, 2015
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Current Concerns  >  2006  >  No 7, 2006  >  Will German Chancellor Angela Merkel Soon Lead Europe and the World into Coming Wars? [printversion]

Will German Chancellor Angela Merkel Soon Lead Europe and the World into Coming Wars?

Withdrawing US policy from the firing line without renouncing its goals

by Erika Voegeli, Switzerland, and Karl Mueller, Germany

The core thesis of the following article is that there is plan to install the present German Federal Government, and particularly German Chancellor Angela Merkel, as the powerful proxy for US interests in Europe. This would provide a solution to the problems arising from the political decline of the present US administration, the catastrophic situation of the US federal budget, and the rapid decline in the popularity of US policy world-wide. Such a development would be disastrous for Europe. It would mean the end to an independent European approach in world politics, and instead open the path to an instrumentalisation of Europe for coming wars and a policy of world imperialism.

Within most European countries the idea currently predominates that the US government has overtaxed its powers completely with its failed war in Iraq and with the increasing difficulties in Afghanistan. The belief is held that the reputation of US interior and foreign policy has been ruined, and Europe could simply sit and wait until the problem of US policy solves itself by quietly imploding.

However, this view does not take into consideration that the US government, and to a far greater extent the strategic planners working in the background, constantly adapt their tactics and strategies to suit public opinion and the changing international situation, without, however, relinquishing any of their imperialistic goals.

The truth is that the present US administration is under enormous pressure, suffering from a massive loss of popularity both within the United States and abroad, and George W. Bush’s party lost its majority control in the House of Representatives and in the Senate in the November elections.

This is accompanied by a permanent financial weakness, which not even the artificially bloated stock market prices and euphemistic figures can obscure. Currently, the American house of cards only manages to survive at the expense of other countries, and might collapse as soon as they have found a way of withdrawing from the game.

“Military Commissions Act” – US gover­n­ment moving to open war dictatorship

Unlike in the first few years after September 11, 2001, the present US government has its back to the wall, and is now moving towards open war dictatorship. How else can one explain US Congress passing a law that radically abolishes everything within the United States that America pretends to defend? The foundation of all civil liberties, i.e. protection against arbitrary acts of the state authorities, has been abolished by the “Military Commissions Act of 2006”. If a person is proclaimed an “enemy combatant”, he can be arrested without charge and imprisoned, no longer under the jurisdiction of the law courts, but of “military commissions”, appointed by the President. And prohibition of “cruel or inhumane” punishment has ceased – and this even retrospectively. In other words, arbitrary acts by the state, as well as torture, are once again making an appearance, and crimes shielded.

In view of the declining popularity and the fact that more and more high-ranking American diplomats, members of the armed forces and intelligence officials, former government officials are questioning 9/11 – the justification for all the previous wars led by the Bush administration – as well as all the other justifications for war, in view of more and more human rights violations and torture scandals that have been made public, there is now a need shortly before a potential change of government for a general amnesty for the whole “US team”. This means that, among others, the current President and his administration will receive an amnesty for all war crimes committed, crimes against humanity, and human rights violations – only a war of aggression meets these criteria in terms of international law.

No basic difference between «Democrats» and «Republicans», but change of 
strategy expected

It must not be forgotten, however, that US Government policies have so far has been backed by both large parties, in spite of all the prevailing election campaign propaganda in the US. The election outcomes in both Houses of Congress show this clearly. There has not been any significant resistance by the Congress against the war policy of the Administration or against the horrendously mounting military budget, or against the demolition of democracy in the USA. Both parties act as executive organs of the Administration’s program and therefore a genuine change in policy cannot be expected even if a power shift in Congress was to take place. On the contrary, the US has become a war mongering dictatorship. A potential change of leadership will make no difference as far as the basic guidelines of US-goals in world politics are concerned.

The strategy, however, might be changed, worrying signs of which can be observed right now in Europe. Leading US power and finance circles seem to be seeking new ways of creating more subservient governments and states that might take on financial and political responsibility; in order to enable the US to step back from its uncomfortable role of sole imperialist and take other members on board. A very clear sign of this development is the handing over of essential parts of the war responsibility to Nato, and that means to most European states, while at the same time retaining US-American leadership. The increasing Nato commitment in Afghanistan and the Middle East are two examples of this. The Nato Response Force, whose establishment was brought about by US pressure, now constitutes the desired Rapid Deployment Force of their allies.

The Role of Angela Merkel and the German government: Implementation of US plans

Germany under the government of the present Chancellor Angela Merkel seems to have been assigned a very special role in this process of passing the dirty jobs on to others. US power and finance establishment had been courting and wooing Merkel already some years before the latest Bundestag elections and have increased their efforts since she assumed office. As far as Merkel is concerned – she has always been and still is willing to listen to the shawm’s tune. She has given German foreign policy a new direction and pushed aside the cautious attempts of her predecessor to counterbalance American Unilateralism. The new coalition government agreement made this clear from the beginning and so do the present policies of this government: Transatlantic bonds have been much more emphasised than by the previous government, and although some seemingly critical remarks about US-policies might arise, the line being taken on the main issues is completely in line with that of present US policies. Angela Merkel, however, is more than a mere puppet of the present US President. There are indications that Merkel should be boosted as a European Bush, her future role being one of implementing US-plans in Germany and Europe. This special role has to do with Chancellor Merkel’s personality, her political biography and with the strategic judgements on Germany’s role in Europe as laid down by certain strategists such as Zbigniew Brzezinski, Security Counsellor to the US government.

Brzezinski: Germany and the European bridgehead of the USA

In his book “The Grand Chessboard”, published in 1997 in English and 1999 in German, Brzezinski outlines the plans for US supremacy in which the control over the Eurasian continent, i.e. Europe and Asia, plays an essential role. About the Old World Brzezinski writes that “Europe is America’s essential geopolitical bridgehead on the Eurasian continent. America’s geostrategic stake in Europe is enormous,” while “Western Europe, and increasingly also Central Europe, remains largely an American protectorate, with its allied states reminiscent of ancient vassals and tributaries.” It is with great detail Brzezinski that deals with the role assigned to Germany. Unlike the agenda after World War II, when US policy assigned France a leading role in order to shape Europe according to its plans, a leading part is now to be assigned to Germany to prevent France from striving for supremacy in Europe, and independence from the USA. However, a French-German axis is also to be established, as Germany would awaken the misgivings of other European countries if it were seen to be pushing forward on its own. However, a German-French axis along French lines would not be an option either. Instead, there should be an axis guaranteeing US expansion on the Eurasian continent. In order for Germany to play the dominant role, Germany’s power in Europe has to be expanded. As a result, the US administration, with the help of substantial contributions by today’s Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice, supported the process of reunification, against the objections of the French government which at the time was fearful of German hegemony in Europe – a fear that has later proved to be justified.

Merkel’s Atheist Agenda

The present German chancellor did not grow up in the political environment of Western post-war Germany and its premises. These premises were: No pursuit of absolute power politics any longer; an orientation in the country’s politics towards Christian, humane and social values and the law; provision of a liberal and social legal system and avoidance of any military conflicts. Merkel grew up in the GDR in a largely atheist environment. She had largely adapted herself, as far as we know, to the system and had been ready to accept certain positions within the dictatorial system if they served her personal career. For some years now she has clearly pursued an atheist agenda in spite of becoming chairman of a political party that carries the C (for Christian) in its name. The complimentary speech, orchestrated by herself on the occasion of her 50th birthday in 2004 won public attention. Its topic was “The brain: an example of the self-organisation of complex systems.” The Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung, usually a newspaper closely attached to the Christian Democratic Union (CDU), commented: “When a complimentary speaker declares that Christianity is an outdated form of thinking, it is of historical importance.”

Merkel supported by the Springer Newsgroup loyal to the US and Israel  - daily briefing by Jeffrey Gedmin

Party members know that Merkel does not possess allodial power within the CDU, she is not really embedded in her party. Instead, she has remained an “alien element”, receiving backing mainly from the unconditional support of the powerful Springer newsgroup to whom she has promised more power in return. It was the founder of the Springer group, Axel Caesar Springer, who committed the Springer newsgroup to supporting pro-American and pro-Israel policies and who refused any criticism of the USA and Israel. Today this group is closely linked to US interests. One of the journalists for the prestigious Springer group daily paper Die Welt is Jeffrey Gedmin, who is also an informal advisor to the chancellor. Nearly every week, he publishes long commentaries on political events, strictly following neoconservative lines. He also helps Angela Merkel with specific advice. Gedmin belongs to the inner circle of the neocons, he closely co-operated with Richard Perle and John Bolton at the American Enterprise Institute, and has been head of the Berlin branch of the internationally active Aspen Institute since 2001, when the “international War on Terror” began. It is interesting that Gedmin enthuses about his Communist past and he even studied in the GDR for two semesters before going into politics. Today he claims to have turned his back on Communism – a feature typical of neoconservative autobiography. Gedmin, though, briefs the German chancellor on a daily basis, thus holding a position similar to top-ranking officers within the Stasi of the former GDR. If Germany wants to continue to be regarded as a democracy, it is imperative that Merkel disclose the contents of these daily briefings to the people of the country. In other countries, there are laws called Freedom of Information Acts which deal with such affairs.

The official counsellor on foreign policy to the chancellor, Eckart von Klaeden, is a foreign policy hawk within the CDU/CSU faction; he advocates the foreign policy course of the US administration. The former chairman of the CDU, Wolfgang Schäuble, is a transatlanticist as well who is pushing the deployment of armed forces within Germany, together with the Minister of Defence, Franz Josef Jung, who is also a member of the CDU. The official foreign minister, Klaus Walter Steinmeier, has been accused of being involved with scandals during his time as former chancellery minister. These hover above him like a Damocles’ sword, preventing him from pursuing an independent political course.

Merkel complying 
with international money circles

In the past few years Merkel has made remarkable concessions to international financial circles. They seem to have granted Merkel a special role within their personnel planning. In her speech “Quo Vadis, Germany?” on the occasion of the Anniversary of Reunification in 2003 she propagated a neo-liberal programme for the CDU, thus dismissing the concept of the Catholic Social Doctrine from the political programme of the CDU – again an event of historical importance! Since her assumption of office national economic and financial policies have no longer been oriented towards the common welfare. Tax raises for consumers and cuts in social spending aim to provide more money for her neo-liberal agenda and a growing military budget. Rumours abound that before Merkel was elected Chancellor she promised the US-President that during her reign Germany would continue to welcome highly dubious financial investors. Merkel has promptly declared the promotion of free movement of capital one of the three most important issues of the German EU-chairmanship, which begins in January 2007.

Germany on its way 
to a war mongering dictatorship

By passing the “Military Commission Act” in both Houses of Congress the USA has expelled itself from the group of western democracies and states of law. The ICRC critically commented on this new American law. Already a year ago Russian sources reported that the ICRC had opened a file on war crimes in Iraq as a result of US crimes against humanity, committed by the US-President, his Vice-President, his Secretary of Defence, US military commanders and numerous members of Congress. According to the Russian source this was the first time this had happened since 1943 when the ICRC opened a file on Hitler’s war crimes.

The world ought to be alarmed

The German government has not said a word of criticism to this new US law. On the contrary: At almost the same time the German federal government passed another so-called anti-terror act permitting the establishment of an extensive so-called anti-terror databank which enables a control of all German citizens along the lines of the US model. Last year, in a speech on the occasion of the 60th anniversary of the CDU, Angela Merkel said that «the Germans had no legal claim to democracy and social market economy till the end of time.» With these words she violated the German constitution, for according to article 20 in connection with article 79, paragraph 3, the Germans have a legitimate claim to democracy and a social state. This statement marks another event of historical importance.

Merkel’s war mongering “Reasons of State”: An infringement of the Constitution

Angela Merkel no longer regards the German Constitution as the basis of German reasons of state, or respect and care for the rule of law, for justice and peace. The basis of German policies is now the “transatlantic partnership” and commitment to Israel’s right to existence – another statement of Angela Merkel’s at the CDU anniversary celebrations. Neoconservative ideologists couldn’t have found a better formula. Ensuring Israel’s existence is one of the neocon pretexts for their international “War on Terror”. “Transatlantic partnership” for them means German and European vassalage. With its policies and statements on war and the war crimes in Lebanon and Palestine the German government has clearly shown that it is willing to enforce these new “reasons of state” in Europe, even against the resistance of the other European states. While other European governments, such as the French, are no longer willing to participate in the unending US-staged Afghanistan war, the German government is busy settling in at the Hindukush for good and taking on more and more war commitments. Germany is therefore participating in the building of an Eastern war front against Iran and in “pushing” the front closer towards China. The same is true of the West’s leadership of international naval deployment off the Lebanese coast and on the Syrian border, the latter of which is a hardly known fact.

Germany is the country with the densest population and the strongest economy in Europe. The people in Germany want to live in prosperity and peace and they are willing to contribute towards a world with more justice and peace. The current German government is pursuing a different political course, disregarding its own people. That is a cold coup d’état; and the more obvious Germany’s role in the world becomes – at the cost of the people and at the cost of its European neighbours with their bitter experience of the German ‘master race’ – the more blatantly the grotesque face of German war mongering dictatorship will emerge. This here is intended as an expressive warning of the greatest concern.