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May 06, 2015
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Current Concerns  >  2012  >  No 9, 1 March 2012  >  It smells of war [printversion]

It smells of war

by Prof Dr Eberhard Hamer

The US high finance’s world press intensifies its weekly journalistic attacks on Iran and tries to convince the world that Iran is the biggest terrorist threat. Ever and again it is claimed that Iran is working on the production of atomic bombs and is close to success – although one-and-a-half years ago the UN Commission found that Iran would need at least another 10 years for such an acomplishment. But there is a method behind the press campaign.

•    The Iraq war as well was prepared with a mendacious press campaign about alleged weapons of mass destruction and an alleged terrorist Saddam Hussein, although the latter had been a friend of the Americans before and had made himself unpopular, only because he did no longer want to sell his oil for dollars and wanted to raise the oil prices.

•    Next, Afghanistan was declared a global threat as a “rogue state” and terrorist networks, and even the auxiliary troops of Nato were used in the US struggle for supremacy in Afghanistan. This pincer movement was to close in on Iran from both sides.

•    Also US friend Mubarak was suddenly declared a terrorist and chased off by a sudden “freedom movement”, for the success of which President Obama publicly thanked the CIA. Egypt has been destabilized since then and the south of Israel no longer faces the danger of a two-front war.

•    Now suddenly, accompanied by increasing barrage of the press, President Assad of Syria is the great villain, and his country is being destabilized by foreign powers by a rebellion via Turkey. Ever more angrily the world press is drumming that he has to go and make room for the insurgents. Only if this goal were achieved, Israel’s northern flank would be free and Israel could turn its full attention to the East.

•    The US high finance’s press has reacted angrily, as the Russians and the Chinese prevented a UN resolution, which would have entitled the US and its Nato satellites to intervene in Syria.

•    Since the success of the “Orange Revolution” in Ukraine, conducted by Mrs Albright, financed by the CIA and carried out by the British high finance representative Tymoshenko, the CIA has staged this successful model not only in North Africa and Syria, but now tries the same in Russia against Putin, because he complains about Russia’s encirclement by US missiles – which is openly admitted by the US – and because Putin is an ally of Iran and even has vetoed the UN resolution for an US intervention against Syria.

Next to these indirect strategic or subversive preparations for a war against Iran, also direct acts of war have already started, which are obviously meant to provoke Iran’s reaction its declaration of war:

•    For the last six months the USA sent their largest fleet deployment in history to Iran and even invaded the Gulf of Oman with warships, and stated that they would perceive any disturbance of their preparations for war as a cause for attack.

•    In addition to that the United States have caused explosions of the main Iranian nuclear and military computers with the help of short-wave attacks (Kuznez virus) and paralysed the warning systems; thus, they have already successfully carried out a direct shortwave attack against Iran.

•    Moreover Mossad already killed three Iranian nuclear scientists of the country.

•    Israel prepared an air strike against Iran long ago, in great manoeuvres with the help of Cyprus, and is expected, according to the US secretary of defense to carry it out between April and June this year, if by then Syria has been “liberated”.

The situation between Israel and Iran is not only highly explosive, but includes the entire region and has an effect as far away as Russia.

Would there be an attack on Iran by Israel and the US, probably a third world war would be inevitable, because

•    Iran has oil and mutual assistance treaties with Russia, India, Syria and China. To what extent these countries would interfere is uncertain, but possible;

•    The Israel connection of the United States would immediately ensure that the US would follow the Israeli attack on Iran. This in turn would mobilize Nato, because it abandoned its previously only defensive attitude even before Afghanistan and the unconditional support of the US troops has developed to attack. This would mean that Europe would be at war, too;

•    before all, the economic consequences of an Iran war would affect the whole world: not only the price of gold, but also the price of oil would rise dramatically because of scarcity and thereby harm all countries of the world, which are dependent on oil imports;

•    on the other hand, it would be especially the US where about 70% of the production are focused on military equipment, with a long-needed new outlet to boost their economy, who would benefit from an Iran war, also hoping that, like after the two world wars, they might be able to cover their financial difficulties from the war loot (oil) and gain new economic strength.

In fact, nobody in the world except Netanyahu wants that the conflict in the world gets inflamed by Iran and turns into a war, however, in such pre-war situations small incidents have often triggered war, as, for example, the Sarajevo assassination before the First World War. In this respect the misuse of UN which was actually created to serve the purposes of peace, by US war intentions and, above all, the worldwide US media campaign, aggravate the crisis instead of contributing to a relaxation. The decisive factor will be whether Nobel Peace Prize winner Obama will be able to resist the pressure to go to war exerted by the US high finance, its world press, the oil industry, the armaments lobby, the military and Israel.     •

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