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May 23, 2015
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Humanitarian Aid for the People in Belarus

Opening of an additional medical building in Gomel

The thyroid gland centre in the endocrinological policlinic of the Gomel region – Gomel is the area in Belarus which was affected most severely by the radioactive fallout from Chernobyl – was built and equipped by Prof. Edmund Lengfelder and his team at the Otto Hug Radiation Institute/Medical Aid measures Munich from 1992 onwards. It offers direct medical aid to the people who suffer from the consequences of the reactor accident.
Highly motivated lady doctors had to work under very restricted conditions though – there were four examination units in one small room. In September 2007 a new additional building could be opened at the site of the endocrinological policlinic which provides more rooms for the examinations – for the number of people with thyroid problems is steadily increasing. The most obvious cancer type after the Chernobyl catastrophe was thyroid cancer. The authorities had failed to distribute iodine to the population as a preventive measure, so the radioactive iodine rapidly accumulated in their thyroid glands. Up to now the number of cancer patients cared for by the centre is about 2000, with rising tendency. In addition to that there is a vast amount of benign thyroid disease. The registry of the thyroid centre counts more than 70000 patients. Provided early screening is carried out, thyroid diseases may be diagnosed, treated and healed under certain circumstances. Especially in children and adolescents the chances of successful treatment are relatively good.
The Working group “Chernobyl and its Consequences” had contributed to making the additional building possible by a support action and we took part in the Opening ceremony. We were very much impressed by the high humane and professional standard of the lady doctors working in the policlinic. We became acquainted with the OHSI team, who have been concerned with the consequences of the Chernobyl disaster in Belarus for many years: a highly motivated, perfectly co-operating team, prudent, dedicated to the cause in a not always simple environment.
We got the impression, that the lady doctors of Gomel have gained an enormous expertise regarding thyroid diseases, which would enable them to teach their “western” colleagues who had not as much opportunity to get experience in this field. An accident in a nuclear power plant with subsequent contamination of large areas cannot be excluded anywhere.


Become a sponsor of the thyroid centre and give new hope to the people of the “Chernobyl area”. Decide yourself how much you could afford to donate. Even if you don’t know a youth from the Chernobyl area personally, we ask you to sponsor the treatment of one patient with 60 Euro each. The patients will then be chosen by the doctors and experts in Belarus. If diagnosed and treated early they have a very good chance of recovery.
Your donation makes it possible to give the necessary support to the people affected by the Chernobyl disaster. The continuity of these important measures depends on the help and generosity of responsible people. Please be one of them!

Donations to:
Otto Hug Strahleninstitut, MHM e.V.,
Stadtsparkasse München,
Konto-Nummer 382 002,
BLZ 701 500 00, BIC SSKMDEMM,
IBAN DE57 7015 0000 0000 3820 02
Für Einzahlungen in der Schweiz:
Gomel-Hilfe / Arbeitskreis Tschernobyl und die Folgen, Raiffeisenbank Münchwilen-Tobel, Konto-Nummer 40000.86,
Bankenclearing 81414