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April 19, 2015
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Current Concerns  >  2007  >  No 16, 2007  >  Austria Bans Cluster Bombs [printversion]

Austria Bans Cluster Bombs

Austria’s parliament approved a ban on cluster munitions, making the Alpine republic one of the few nations to take decisive action against the weapons.
Cluster bombs are canisters that open in flight and typically scatter hundreds of small bomblets across a wide area. Fired by artillery or dropped by aircraft, some fail to explode immediately and can cause death or debilitating injuries if disturbed – often years after a conflict ends.
Lawmakers approved the legislation, which bans all types of cluster munitions with immediate effect and requires the destruction of stockpiles within three years. In a statement, Defence Minister Norbert Darabos said he wanted Austria’s stockpile of cluster munitions to be destroyed within the next year and a half.
Austria currently has a stockpile of about 10,000, the Austria Press Agency reported.Austria’s banning of the weapons coincided with an international conference on cluster munitions taking place in Vienna.

Source:, 6. December 2007