No 14, 25 June 2019

Why are the teachers in turmoil?
by Claude Meunier-Berthelot, French author, lawyer and teacher
How EU and NATO generate crises and pave the way for wars
Interview with Ullrich Mies* by Nicolas Riedl (rubikon)
By proceeding against Julian Assange, America will dig its own grave
by Karen Kwiatkowski*
What exactly is the “Mittelstand”? Its importance for society and economy
by Professor Dr Eberhard Hamer, Hanover (Germany)
Should Switzerland automatically have to adopt EU law in future?
A more direct democracy in Germany (Part 3)
Federalism | by Christian Fischer
A valuable cultural bridge
To the newly published art book “Julius von Klever - Maler am Mare Balticum” by Alfried Nehring | by Urs Knoblauch, cultural journalist, Switzerland
About the pedagogical value of confidence
by Carl Bossard
Hilal starts to speak
by Ursula Felber
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