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No 11/12, 2001/2002
30 May 2015, 04:14 AM
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Project for the New American Century

The Statement of Principles of the ‘Project for the New American Century’ was signed, among over 20 others, by Dick Cheney, Donald Rumsfeld, and Paul Wolfowitz on 3 June 1997. The declared aim of this grouping is ‘to make the case and rally support for American global leadership’ and to provide a strategic vision and guiding principles for American foreign policy. In the Statement of Principles the need is postulated for America ‘to increase defense spending significantly’, ‘to strengthen our ties to democratic allies and to challenge regimes hostile to our interests and values’, ‘to promote the cause of political and economic freedom abroad’ and ‘to accept responsibility for America’s unique role in preserving and extending an international order friendly to our security, our prosperity, and our principles’. Their main concern was, before September 11, whether ‘the United States have the resolve to shape a new century favorable to American principles and interests’.

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