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October 20, 2014
The monthly journal for independent thought, ethical standards and moral responsibility The international journal for independent thought, ethical standards, moral responsibility,
and for the promotion and respect of public international law, human rights and humanitarian law
Current Concerns [printversion]

No 25, 12 October 2014

USA – By way of Ukraine-crisis to “regime change” in Russia
by James George Jatras, JD, Vice Chairman of the “American Institute in Ukraine”, Washington DC, speech on the occasion of the panel discussion “Impact of the crisis in Ukraine on Europe, and Switzerland’s contribution to a peaceful solution”
“The Crisis in Ukraine is complex, critical and continues”
“Humanitarian aspects of the crisis in Ukraine – Briefing of the Russian UN mission in Geneva | by Dr Eva-Maria Föllmer-Müller
John McCain, Conductor of the “Arab Spring” and the Caliph of the “Islamic State”
by Thierry Meyssan
Once more they say the “good” fought the “evil”
by Karl Müller
Riots in Hong Kong
by Willy Wimmer
Today’s illusory boom is similar to that of the years 1923-1929 in many ways
by Prof Dr Eberhard Hamer
The complexity of the hunger problem
Since it is caused by humans, it can be eliminated by humans | by Thomas Kaiser
Regional small-scale agriculture against global hunger
New Brochure: “Paths out of the hunger crisis. The insights and consequences of the World Agriculture Report (IAASTD) – Proposals for tomorrow’s agriculture”
For a humane, robust and sustainable economy
Reinhard Koradi, Dietlikon, Switzerland
“The small farmers worked much more effectively”
“Inspiring the next generation to continue this tradition” Interview with marketer, perennial plant gardener and greengrocer Harald Fickardt from Heldrungen/Thuringia

Due to a changeover you can presently read Current Concerns on this website only

Due to a changeover you can presently read Current Concerns on this website only

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Resolution Protocol of the Extraordinary General Assembly
of Zeit-Fragen Cooperative on 16th December 2006:
The Foundations of International Law

Dear reader
The extraordinary general assembly of Zeit-Fragen Cooperative on 16th December 2006 dealt with the foundations of International Law.
After hearing and acknowledging the statements of external experts and after thorough debate the assembly passed the following resolution:
«The General Assembly of Zeit-Fragen Cooperative acknowledges the encouraging contributions of external experts on international law and other experts, and explicitly supports their work and endeavours and acknowledges their commitment to peace, international understanding and justice in the world.
With our newspapers it is our aim to show complete commitment to strengthening and giving fresh heart to international law.
Our contributions intend to give readers courage to become active on all levels of social life within the framework of constitutions and International Law.
Our efforts are aimed at making international law and humanitarian international law felt once more.»

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